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Trying Not to Pass On My Fears

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This picture was taken in my back yard and if you cannot tell it is a picture of my daughter using a magnifying glass to look at a GIANT MONSTER CICADA. At least that is what *I* thought she was looking at. To my daughter it was a new buddy.

She found him on our back steps and was sitting on the other side of the backyard when I noticed she was really quiet. I asked her what she had in her hand and she said, “A bug…aww but he's BROKEN!” I was really startled to see her holding such a large bug. Luckily it was dead (broken!) but still I was really surprised to see her holding it so fearlessly, as if it was an ordinary thing. I realized in that moment that I really needed to do my best not to alarm her, or show my own (irrational) fear of bugs. She doesn't need to be afraid of bugs and as long as she's not right now, I shouldn't do anything to encourage a fear. In fact, I needed to learn from her and try to not be afraid myself. It was dead anyhow, it wouldn't hurt to touch him now!

I went inside to get her magnifying glass so we could look at him together. We turned him every which way, took his picture, talked about his body parts, how he was similar to and different from us. Then my daughter played with him for about a half hour. She made up all kinds of stories about him. She must have tried to take him back to him mommy about 30 times.

It was so sweet to hear her talking to him and taking such care of him. I'm glad she wasn't afraid of him. I can't say for sure that either of us would be so calm if we encounter a live one but it is a memory I will cherish- and a lesson I hope to remember!

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  1. Well done for encouraging her interests despite your own fears! Funny you should post this today – F found a ladybug on our stairs earlier and spent hours saying hello to it. He’d never seen one before!

  2. This is just lovely! I have a hard time with extreme heights and there have been a couple of hikes where my youngest and husband have had to move on without me. Maybe one day I’ll overcome my fear–or just let those experiences be “Daddy and Son” outings!

  3. I’m trying not to pass on my fears to my 4-year-old. I’m in the same boat – bugs freak me out. And worms…ewww. I love how your daughter was taking care of it though – she sounds so sweet!

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