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20+ Dad & Grandpa Zoom Backgrounds for Father’s Day

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With Father's Day approaching we are looking for fun ways to honor dads and grandfathers this year. Whether you live far apart or just want to brighten someone's day, adding a fun Father's Day Zoom Background to your video chat is simple and easy to do. Today I am sharing tons of free Dad & Grandpa themed Zoom Virtual Backgrounds that are perfect for Father's Day, Dad's birthday or just any old day you want to spread some smiles to the dads in your life. I am including referral partner links to the website I used to create these zoom backgrounds in case you want to make your own.

20+ Dad & Grandpa ZOOM BACKGROUNDS perfect for Father's Day, Dad's Birthday or just for Fun! from Lalymom

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Celebrating Father's Day is different for everyone, but this year it will be even different-er! Is that a word?

Whether you live far apart or just want to celebrate the dads in your life over the internet, these Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds will add some extra fun to the video chat.

Many of them say Father's Day, but many do not, so you can use them for Father's Day, Dad's birthday, Grandparents Day, or just to make your next call special.

A lot of people like to add Zoom virtual backgrounds as a way to hide clutter, or to be funny so it looks like they are in some remote, faraway place. But Zoom backgrounds can be used to send a message and spread smiles too.

As a friend of mine said, oh it's like using a Hallmark Card as a Zoom background!

What is a Zoom Virtual Background?

The Zoom Virtual Background is a feature of the Zoom Video Chat app that allows users to replace whatever is behind you with an image or short video. You might have seen someone on a Zoom call look like they are in Hawaii, a bar, or even at the Great Pyramids. That person was using a Zoom background and it is simple to do yourself.

So if you scroll through the images below, they are previews of the fun Father's Day Zoom backgrounds that you can use on your next video chat.

This is what it looks like, just as an example. This one is for all those Star Wars Fans out there!

Sample Happy I AM YOUR FATHER'S Day! Star Wars Themed Zoom Background from Lalymom.com

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How Do I Use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds?

Setting up a Zoom Virtual Background is not hard at all, however not all devices are capable of using them. Even if your computer is able to use them, some devices do a better job than others. For example, my iPhone SE cannot do them at all, our older desktop can do it, but not well, while our newer surface tablet and mac laptop can do them very well.

If you don't have the Virtual Background section in the Settings of your Zoom app, this may be the case for you. You can check the Zoom System Requirements Page to see.

For anyone who is relatively tech savvy, just log into your zoom account, tap on the settings Gear icon, and click on the Virtual Background Setting too add and select the image you want.

TUTORIAL: The Easy Way to Add Zoom Virtual Background

Free and Fun! Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds on Lalymom.com

Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds

Here are previews of the Free Zoom Backgrounds that you receive in this bundle. As I mentioned, some say Father's Day, some say Dad, some say Grandpa. You'll find options for Father's Day and many that will be perfect for Dad's birthday as well.

The images, photos, fonts and templates used to create these Zoom backgrounds are all found in Canva. For example the yellow one below is one from their pre-made Zoom templates, and I changed the words and added a tie.

You can grab my Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds from the Lalymom Shop, or head on over to Canva to make your own! It is easy to use, and has a free or paid plans (I use the paid version and LOVE it). They is also a mobile phone app so you can design on your phone!

Note: My zoom backgrounds all have a tiny, faded note that says “More backgrounds at Lalymom.com.” Your body will be blocking it most of the time, and this way if anyone ever asks where you got your background you don't have to remember the website. You can also remember to come back the next time you want a themed background!

20+ Awesome Dad & Grandpa ZOOM BACKGROUNDS perfect for Father's Day, Dad's Birthday or just for fun. Download your free backgrounds today at Lalymom.com

The previews above show our Dad Bingo Zoom Background, which is super fun for big families or zoom calls with grandparents and cousins. I could even see a Boy Scout Troop or Girl Scout Troop using it for a Father's Day meeting! With something liek this, the users should have their zoom screen set to Speaker View rather than Gallery view so the words are bigger. Most of the time you can change to speaker mode at the top right corner of your zoom meeting screen while you are in the meeting.

Next you have the Dad you're the coolest, followed by the soldier themed Zoom Background that says, Dad You're a Real Hero!

For the fisherman, you could pick the You're a Reel Cool Guy background, or the blue Happy Father's Day one which also has an outdoor theme.

The red zoom background is perfect for the grilling man of the house.

Super Daddio would be lots of fun for any gaming dads, and last but not least, the popular Star Wars Themed Zoom background, which says, “Happy I AM YOUR FATHER's Day!”

Here are some more of the free Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds you can expect in this bundle. There is another example in this set where I took a pre-made template on Canva and edited it for Father's Day. The Blue “Hey Dad, You Rock!” template is available on Canva, but was black and red, and not specific to Dads. Just another example of a fun way to use the awesome resources on Canva.

20+ Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds perfect for Dads, kids and Grandpas. Download your copy at Lalymom.com

In this set of previews you can see the Batman and Superman LEGO picture, which says “Dad, You're My Hero!” Next is the blue zoom background that says, “Hey Dad You Rock!”

The set also includes several space themed zoom backgrounds, with sayings like, “I love you to the moon and back,” and “You're outta this world.”

Beer lovers will appreciate the simple Cheers to You Dad, Zoom background with an image of a raised beer.

Next is the certificate that says Only the “Best Dads are Promoted to Grandpa!” This is perfect for a zoom with the grandparents- or a fun way to tell someone that they're going to be grandparents!

If you've got a Sports Fan Dad, you can pick the “Dad You're #1” background or a chalkboard with football X's and O's that says, Happy Father's Day to a Real Champ! (not pictured)

Golf Fans will love to hear that their the Best Dad By a Long Shot in this golf themed zoom background.

To Get Your Free Father's Day Zoom Background Bundle, head to the Lalymom Shop.

Will you be having a Father's Day Zoom Call this year? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

Awesome Father's Day & Dad Birthday Themed Zoom Backgrounds for Birthday Party Video Chats - More themes and backgrounds on Lalymom.com

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