New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids – 3 Printable Activities

If you are looking for New Year's Eve ideas for kids, these three free printable activities should have you covered!

3 New Year's Eve Party Ideas for Kids - Printable New Year's Activities for kids and adults

When I think of New Year's Eve as a kid I think of playing games all night in an effort to stay up until midnight, and then when the new year arrived, we went out on the porch and banged pots and pans or blew noise makers to celebrate. My kids are pretty young still but I wanted to find some fun ways to spend the time together.

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I've got three activities for you today, however my kids are only old enough for one. I still thought others could benefit from the other two so I am sharing them anyhow. I'd love any feedback if you use these with your kids! Quick note- I did include a few affiliate links for your convenience, which just means that if you buy anything through those links my website receives a small commission at no extra cost to you.

All of these New Year's Eve Printables can be downloaded on the Lalymom Shop Page in the Free Printables Section. For prep tips and directions please read below. 

Printable New Year's Eve Ideas for Kids

Printable Roll-a-Year New Year's Eve ideas for kids and other printable games on

This game is great for young kids on up to adult. I call it Roll-a-Year. It is comprised of a printable die and printable game cards. I have created sets for 2015, 2016 and 2017 so far.

Each Roll-a-Year set has a die and card page with dots, a die, and card page with digits. You can print just the pages you want to use.

Prep ahead: Print the desired die and card pages. Make sure you have enough card pages for all players, but you only need one die. Cut out the die on the external lines, fold all the internal lines and glue it together on the tabs. Cut out the card pages. Gather either a pile of coins or other small objects, like bingo markers or pom poms, and set them out on your playing surface. You may divide them equally if you wish to play multiple continuous rounds. 

How to play: The youngest player goes first, and play proceeds to the left. In turn, each player rolls the die. If the die shows a number, the player covers that number on the card and play proceeds to the next player. If the player rolls a Skip, the next player is skipped. If the player rolls Reverse, play continues in the opposite direction. If the player rolls a number already covered play proceeds to the next player as usual.

Optional: Skipped players lose all previously acquired coins.

How to win: The first player to  cover all the numbers wins. You can decide if you just start over or if the winner gets all the coins on the other players' cards and play continues in another round. For this option, play continues and any player that does not have 4 coins at the beginning of the round is out. The winner is the last player standing.

How Many Ways Can You Make a Number Game

New Year's Eve ideas for kids - Printable Math Activity -

This is a printable math game that can be used any day of the year, but would be fun for New Year's Eve. There are two pages in the document, one page with fewer larger boxes for younger kids and one with more smaller boxes for more advanced mathematicians.

Prep ahead: Print the needed copies of the version you prefer. You could run them through my favorite laminator to reuse them with dry erase markers or just use them as is. Have a timer and pencils handy. You might try the activity ahead of time to gauge how long to set your timer based on the skill level of the kids involved. Choose numbers based on their skill level as well. Younger kids might start with 12 for midnight/12 months in the year. Or maybe 24 for 24 hours in a day. Older kids could do the whole year.

How to play: Set a timer for your desired time limit. Pass out the pages face down as well as the pencils. Explain the rules: Write down as many mathematical equations that result in the number as you can before the timer goes off. Discuss examples and answer any questions before starting the timer. Start the timer and when it is done, count up the correct equations on each players page. The winner is the player with the most correct equations.

New Year's Eve Ideas for Kids – Silly Fill-Ins Activity

3 Free Printable New Year's Eve Ideas for Kids - Silly Fill-ins on

Growing up one of my favorite past-times was doing Wacky Mad Libs. Today I wrote up two New Year's Eve versions which I called Silly Fill-Ins.

If you are not familiar with Mad Libs, you have a story with blanks along the way. Under each blank is a type of word that should be entered. One person takes the paper and pen and goes through the page aloud, asking the other person to say each kind of word. Note you do not read the story aloud at this point. You are only asking the other person to fill in the blank without giving them any context. This can lead to the silliness.

In the example in the picture, if you had the paper, you would write in the upcoming year in the first blank, then say to me, give me the name of a friend (because it says “a friend” under the first blank). Then if I say Emma, you write that name in the blank. Next you ask me for the name of a celebrity because it says “celebrity” under the next blank. When I answer with Chris Pine, or whatever celebrity, you write that in. Continue until all blanks are filled.

Next you read the story out loud to the person to tell them how their new year will be. Hopefully it was pretty silly!

There are two different stories, so doing this activity in pairs is best. Once all the pairs have completed all the blanks, they could be read aloud to the whole group if desired.

Happy New Year to You and Your Family!

I hope you enjoyed these activities and like I said, I'd love to hear your feedback! If you like these ideas please do pin them! What are some of your favorite New Year's Eve ideas for kids?

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  1. Rebecca says

    Thank you for sharing these printables! We will be using all three activities for a laid back, family fun New Year’s Eve. Hope you and yours have a happy, healthy and FUN 2016!!!

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