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Introducing Magic Moments Mondays!

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I am so excited to officially announce an exciting project that's been in the works. Beginning the first Monday in June (June 3rd for those of you who would like to mark your calendars) Lalymom, along with Play Learn Love, Pennies of Time, Kz and Me, House of Burke, and Simple Home Blessings will be launching a brand new blog hop – Magic Moments Monday!

“Magic moments” with children are those moments that are touching, funny, insightful, and ones you want to remember forever! Share your “magic moments” with us to help inspire others to connect with children in meaningful and lasting ways. “Magic moments” happen through a play, a planned activity, a craft, reading a book together, or a conversation in the car on the way home from school. We invite you to open your eyes to the many Magic Moments throughout your week and return next Monday to share them here with us!

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  1. Looking forward to your project and will share it with my network. It sounds like something we’ll all enjoy and benefit from, along with the youngsters we know and love. Thank you, Rosemary

  2. Love it! Those magic moments really are so important to document as it is sad how easily you can forget them or sometimes even miss them.

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