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Memory Box Interview for Kids – Remember That Time We Were Quarantined….

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Inside: Get a FREE Printable All About Me in 2020 Interview, which is perfect to remember what life was like for your kids during this crazy quarantine we are living through. The free writing prompt printable is available by using the purple sign up box below.

Quarantine Memory Interview - Help your kids document what life was like for them this year.

So we are on day 2 of quarantine for the coronavirus where I live. How are you and your doing in this crazy time? I hope you are all safe and healthy.

As we all live through the uncertainty of how this will play out, we still have to care for ourselves, and if you have kids, we have to think of ways to relive stress and make this bearable.

I saw a suggestion online to have your kids to write a letter to their future self, about what life is like right now so they have a record of what it was like to live through this worldwide pandemic.

I tried to explain the purpose of writing the letter to themselves and my 7 year old was like, um, no I'm not doing that. And I realized….maaaaybe I had explained it a little too seriously.

I thought it would be easier for him to record his life if I gave him some writing prompts.

I thought I'd share this with my readers to help you all grab a snapshot of life for your kids during this time.

Here are a few other fun indoor ideas to keep the family busy:

An important note about free online printables: 

Just about everyone I know seems to know someone who has a job being affected by coronavirus. Can you think of anyone whose job or income is at risk?

Then you surely know how scary this all is. My family is doing our best to continue to support local businesses and by buying groceries responsibly, without overstocking.

Websites as small as mine, all the way up to the big well-known companies rely on readers viewing their articles to create ad revenue and income for our families (and in the case of those big companies, the families of all their employees).

If you find a resource that you love, the best way to show your appreciation is to share the original website link with your friends, rather than distribute the document itself.

Viewing a website is not hard, and every time you view a website or share a website link, you are helping someone keep their family afloat or a company keep their employees paid.

We love sharing resources with you and we hope you enjoy them, in good times and in bad. 

Please let me know if there are any types of resources that you would like to see available while you are stuck at home during this crazy time we live in.

So I have this purple box below to receive a copy of this printable and join my email list. I don't send a ton of emails but I'll let you know if I send out any more free printables that would be fun while we are stuck at home.

Feel free to pin or share this blog post so others can print their own copy too. Thanks and best wishes to your family.

Kids interview free printable. Perfect to use during the quarantine for a family Time Campsule or Memory Box


What other printables would you like to see available to use during the quarantine? Let's hear it below.

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