Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet- Fine Motor Fridays

Itsy Bitsy Spider Hand and Finger Puppet from Lalymom It is time once again for Fine Motor Fridays which means I have something for you that is SURE to get your little one’s hands moving! This week we have had a bunch of fun taking Little Big Man’s favorite song- Itsy Bitsy Spider- and extending it with a fun Fine Motor Craft! Introducing the Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet!

I discovered an easy shortcut for working with craft foam that is my new favorite trick! You’ll see in my photo that I include a plastic lid and sharpie marker in the supplies, but it is not what you think! I actually did not trace anything to make this craft! I used the lid and the cap of the marker to press into the craft foam instead of tracing any shapes! You could do this with any cookie cutter or any other shape you have and it will make it MUCH easier to get just the right shape!

My kids are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and the Sharpie Marker cap made just about the right size hole for their fingers. If your kids are older you may want to use something larger.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet Materials

Itsy Bitsy Spider Hand Puppet for Finger Articulation from Lalymom

Black Craft Foam
Googlie Eyes
2 Black Pipe Cleaners (ours Fuzzy Sticks were provided for free from Craft Project Ideas)
1 Red Pipe Cleaner (Also from Craft Project Ideas)
Plastic Lid or Round Cookie Cutter
Sharpie Marker

Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet Instructions

Eensie Weensie Spider Hand and finger puppet for fine motor skills from Lalymom

1. Place the lid rim-down on the craft foam and press down hard all the way around the edge. Use scissors to cut on the resulting circle. Do the same thing with the lid of the Sharpie Marker to mark four small circles for finger holes. Cut them out with scissors or a craft knife.

Eensie Weensie Spider Hand Puppet for FInger Articulation from Lalymom
2. Using the tip of your scissors blade or a pen, carefully poke two holes on both sides of the craft foam for the pipe cleaner legs and feed them through from the back. (No need to cut the pipe cleaners, they should be just right if you feed them through from the back!)
3. Stick on the googlie eyes. Fold the red Pipe cleaner in half. Poke two more small holes in the craft foam, under the eyes for the red pipe cleaner mouth and feed that through too.

That is it! Now you just have to invite your little one to put on the puppet and sing the appropriate song! Get those spider legs wriggling!

Fine Motor Friday

Fine Motor Fridays- Collaborative Fine Motor Skills Series

Here we are again with a group of fantastic bloggers to bring you a list of activities designed to target Fine Motor Skills in a playful way! Please do visit the other bloggers to see the fun ideas they have come up with this week!

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Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest Board

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