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Clay Projects for Kids – Air Dry Clay and Colored String

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It's time for another month of the Process Art Challenge. This month we are all sharing clay projects for kids! Our clay idea is pictured here and the others are at the bottom of the post. I've added a couple affiliate links to this post as well.

Clay Art Projects for Kids from the Process Art Challenge

This month's material for the Process Art Challenge was clay, which we have never use before. I was a little stymied at first….I could think of lots of things to make with clay, I just didn't know what to do that was not a product art project instead of process art.

I know we could have just gotten the clay out and played with it, good enough! But I just wanted at least one other material to pair with it to see what we would come up with.

I grabbed some embroidery floss and cut some 1 foot-ish lengths of various colors and we went to town.

My toddler did not quite get what we were trying to do with it, he's still in a big play dough phase and he didn't care for how it mucked up his hands a bit.

My 5 year old though, really enjoyed it. She loved pressing her finger into the clay to make different shapes.

For this project we used Crayola Air Dry Clay and a Value Bag of Embroidery Floss. I think next time I'd try laying down parchment or wax paper because it would stick to the table a bit but overall it was pretty fun to see what she came up with.

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Clay projects for kids - Clay and string. Part of the Process Art Challenge - Lots of great art project ideas that are all about the process!

She loved wrapping the string around various shapes, and I thought one day we could use those for paper weights. The flat hearts and other shapes could easily be turned into ornaments.

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