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Cookie Counting and Sharing Toddler Game

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This cookie counting and sharing toddler game was so easy to make and it is always a hot with friends that come visit!
Cookie Counting and Sharing Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers- Feed Cookie Monster, how fun!

Back when we were doing our blue color week, we found new-to-us C is for Cereal by Post that features prominent pictures of Sesame Street characters on the boxes (one of them is blue!). You might think this was one of those awful grocery store moments where my toddler was screaming that she wanted them and I caved and bought them. But it really wasn't. I spied them first on the top shelf at the store. I assumed they would be sugary- and therefor not coming home with us- but you have to check this out! The are totally NOT junky! 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 3 grams of protein?! Lots of vitamins, cute X and O shaped cereal for which there are so many uses. The box makes kids want to eat them AND learn- there are little games on the box. So. We snatched some up right away.

This Box Begs to Be Played With!

Cookie Sharing and Counting Toddler Game - so much fun!

The boxes were staring at me, just asking to be used for something fun. We received a set of Melissa and Doug Cookies as a gift for Ladybug's 2nd birthday and they are still played with all the time. Since one of the boxes features Cookie Monster, it dawned on me that it would be so fun to feed him cookies! I cut a rectangle out of his mouth just a bit bigger than the cookies, brought over the cookies and Ladybug knew just what to do! Feed the Cookie Monster!

Like I said, we've brought this out when we have company and every kid who has played with it has loved it. If you want to make it extra fun, you can use your best Cookie Monster and Elmo voice to play with your kids.

Game Time!

We have come up with several games to play with these boxes and they are all very simple, perfect for even the littlest Sesame Street fan! They don't realize this but they are working their hand muscles, using hand eye coordination and developing fine motor skills as well! This can be used for language development, counting, behavior practice and more!

Fill and Spill– This one is pretty obvious…feed them the cookies, dump them out, repeat endlessly!

Counting Cookies– As discussed before in our Everyday Counting post, we love counting in as many fun ways as we can. Using Cookie Monster or Elmo's voice to encourage the counting has been the source of MANY giggles. If your child doesn't know how to count, you can count as he or she feeds the cookies in. Eventually you can lead the child to fill in the next number. “One…Two…” I would say, then on the next one I look expectantly at Ladybug and she add the “Threeeee!” She can count all 12 herself now…and she does…over and over again!

Sharing– Since we have both the Cookie Monster and the Elmo box cut up for this activity, it was fun to discuss sharing and make a game out of it. All we did was alternate, one for Cookie Monster, one for Elmo, back and forth. With the voices it can get pretty silly…{Cookie Monster voice} “Oh! Me! Me! Me! Me want coookieees!” {Elmo voice} “But Cookie Monster, now it is Elmo's Turn!” When we have company over, it is a good way to work on taking turns with each kid rotating in to feed one cookie at a time.

Baking for Friends Pretend Play– We also like to plan a visit from Cookie Monster and Elmo before I get the boxes out sometimes. Ladybug has to go get all the cookies, put them on the sheet pan and “bake” them in time for our guests. It ends up being a bit of a cookie scavenger hunt sometimes.

Storytelling- Sometimes to extend our play with this activity I ask Ladybug to tell me a story about Cookie Monster and Elmo. It is usually something like, “Well…Elmo and Cookie Monster both wanted cookies but they have to share (waving her finger, using her mom tone of voice) so they both had cookies!”

Pattern Process– The M&D cookies each have icing and a topping design on top. Some have chocolate icing, some vanilla, then each one has sprinkles or squiggles or dots. Recently we have started feeding the cookies in a certain order. I will model a pattern and see if Ladybug can repeat it. We started of course with every other color- chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla. Once that becomes easy, we will move to using other attributes, like using all vanilla cookies, first comes vanilla sprinkles, then vanilla squiggles, then vanilla dots. Laying them out in the pattern first helps.

Baby Fill and Spill– I even set this up for 9 month old Little Big Man the other day but I laid the box on the back side, with the hole facing up. I repeated the words, “In….In….Mommy puts the cookie In,” as I showed him how to do it. The small hole and slant to it make it a bit challenging at this point, but he tried and I know he will get it soon! He was very mesmerized by the eyes of the characters.

 As you can tell, we have gotten a LOT of play out of these inexpensive props…and that is not even counting what we've done with the cereal that comes inside! But that is for another day! I hope you enjoy these this cereal and these games and make up some of your own! Might as well pin a picture to remember!
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