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A is for Apple CUT-Punch-PASTE Craft

A is for Apple Craft on Lalymom.com. Another CUT Punch Paste Craft for great fine motor skills.

Happy Fine Motor Friday! We are back with the usual suspects this week with an A is for Apple Craft using a simple CUT-punch-PASTE method. This is a super simple craft that incorporates cutting practice, paper punches, gluing and drawing to encourage fine motor skills practice. A is for Apple Craft Materials: Red and green construction paper Kids Scissors Glue stick Round paper punches (Any size would work as long as your letter A was wider than the circumference of the … [Read more...]

Fine Motor Skills Activities with Clothespins

Easiest Busy Bag Ever- 20 Fine Motor Skills Activities Using Clothespins on Lalymom.com

Today is letter C in the Everyday Fine Motor Materials from A to Z Series, hosted by Still Playing School! I'm bringing you Fine Motor Skills Activities with Clothespins! Think about the way you hold a clothespin and you will instantly see how great they are for fine motor skills activities. They utilize the those tine muscles in the thumb and pointer finger which helps prepare little hands for all sorts of task- not the least of which is writing! Something about the way they open and … [Read more...]

Fine Motor Activities for Pinch Strength

Free Printable Fine Motor Activities for Pinch Strength - Play Dough Pinch Challenge on Lalymom.com

Welcome back to Fine Motor Friday! Today I have free printable Play Dough "Pinch Challenge" Mats that make great fine motor activities for pinch strength! I was out to dinner with a couple fellow mom recently and one of them mentioned that much like my daughter, her son has great pincer grasp coordination but needs opportunities to strengthen his fingers. For example, she said he could fasten his bike helmet clasp but could not remove it because he could not pinch hard enough. My … [Read more...]

Kid Made Camping Lantern

camping lantern for kids on Lalymom.com from the Ultimate Backyard Summer Camp eBook

How has your summer been so far? Are those kids staying busy? We've had a blast checking out activities from our Summer Camp Book! This lantern is straight out of the book, and my daughter LOVES it. The best part is that she helped make it and she can use it over and over again! All we did was gather the materials listed in the book, and get started drawing our camping scene. I asked my daughter what she thought camping would look like and started talking about stars and planets. … [Read more...]

Snappets SUPER COOL Dinosaur Crafts

Snappets Dinosaur Crafts. A super cool educational toy for dinosaur unit studies, kid-made movies, pretend play an more on Lalymom.com

You heard that right- today I have some SUPER COOL Dinosaur Crafts to share with you and they are called Snappets! You might remember that we recently participated in Dinosaur Week with our DIY Dinosaur Hat, Easy Dinosaur Stilts and Ice Cream Dinosaur Excavation. Today's dinosaur craft is a little different. Let me tell you all about it! Zachary Opaskar, the creator of a new educational dinosaur toy reached out to me and asked if I would like to check them out. I took one look at his … [Read more...]

20+ Fun Games to Play in the Car

Great List of Fun Games to Play in the Car on Lalymom.com. Summer learning does not stop for roadtrips!

Happy Summer! We are in week two of a three week Summer Learning Series hosted by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas! This week it is all about Learning on the Road so I've got a list of Fun games to play in the car! These games reinforce facts my children have already learned in a fun way that help keep them distracted during a long car ride. Right now my son is almost two and my daughter just turned four. My daughter is on summer break from preschool but the learning has not stopped! And little … [Read more...]

Simple Activity for Learning Colors for Toddlers

Simple Activity for Learning Colors for Toddlers on Lalymom.com. Great for color recognition, sorting and fine motor skills practice!

It is time for another Fine Motor Friday! Today's simple fine motor skills activity is all about learning colors for toddlers. Mister 1 noticed Miss 4's Frozen Fractals sticky collage on the window the other day and I thought he might like to stick some torn paper onto it. He went crazy for it so I indulged him with lots of little paper pieces. (Note: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this blog at no cost to you!) I wanted to make a contact paper game … [Read more...]