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25 Adorable DIY Hand Puppets to Make with Kids

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How much fun do kids have with puppets?! A LOT! That's why I'm sharing 25 adorable finger and hand puppets to make with kids today! DIY Puppets make a great project as a gift or an activity to do with kids. I also have added some partner shopping links to premade puppets.

20+ awesome hand puppets to make with kids

Puppets are a wonderful toy to fuel imaginative playtime. But they also get those hands moving, aid in vocabulary development and so much more.

RELATED: Speaking of playtime, grab this awesome Play-Based Homeschool Preschool Curriculum (created by a former teacher who makes learning FUN!) 

Finger and Hand Puppets for Kids

Below is a collection of super fun finger puppets and hand puppets to make with the kids. These can be used on a rainy day, as a fun craft for a classroom or homeschool themed unit or as a pack-n-play activity for babysitters.

Some of these little guys are inspired by movies, while others are straight out of classic kids books and nursery rhymes.

Click through your favorite DIY Puppets below for the full materials list and puppet project:

Bug & Animal Puppets: 

Fun Familiar Character Handmade Puppets:

More DIY puppets ideas below the video, but I love these easy paper puppy puppets (say that ten times fast!) from Red Ted Art. They are one of my all time favorite places to find fun and east paper craft ideas for kids, by the way. Here is a list of fun Dog Crafts on Red Ted Art. See? Fun!

More Easy Puppet Ideas for Kids

Imaginary Creatures & Other Silly Homemade Puppets: 

  • Owl Puppet And Monster Face – This one has free printable pieces, just add the paper bag or plate.
  • Peeps Puppet – Yes, like the Easter marshmallow candy! Make your own set for Easter!
  • DIY Monster Sock Puppet – If only we had eleventy billion unmatched socks laying around somewhere….hmm….
  • Paper Plate Monster Puppets – These are easily done by kids of any age, they can look silly, spooky or even kind of…abstract. 😉
  • Paper Dragon Puppets – A simple bit of folding and cutting yields pretty awesome results for any dragon lover or castle theme.
  • Easy Monster Puppets – Monsters allow for so much creativity, and now just around Halloween. They can be fun any day of the year.
  • Bright Stanley Book Activity – Make these cute fishie puppets to go along with the book.
  • Recycled stick Puppets – I love the secret ingredient in these repurposed character puppets. Could this be any easier?

There are more puppets below but first check out these pipe cleaner puppets from PBS kids are super fun to customize and the pipe cleaners help them stay on little fingers. Cute idea!

Not into DIY? There are lots of fun kids puppets on Amazon too!


Which Finger or Hand Puppets are you going to make today?

More than 20 adorable DIY hand puppets to make with the kids

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