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Healdsburg Hotel Trio Review – Wine Country Girls Weekend, Family Trip or Romantic Getaway

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Looking for details on the great new Healdsburg Hotel, Trio? Check out this review to see photos and tips, and see why this is a great choice for a hotels in Sonoma Valley. Located a block away from the Best Western Dry Creek Inn, Hotel Trio is a top notch competitor in Sonoma Wine Country.

Hotel Trio was not aware that I would be writing this review. We paid for the room on our own and did not get any special treatment, so this unbiased review is all our own. Affiliate links are used in this post.

Review and Photos of Hotel Trio in Healdsburg. Perfect for a wine country getaway, girl's weekend, or family vacation.

My husband and I really enjoy wine. We like learning about wine… traveling for wine…tasting wine… we just plain like wine.

We even take our kids to wine country. From Chicago. Sure, we do family-centric vacations too, but life is about balance, so sometimes we take a trip with our own interest in mind.

We have been to the Sonoma/Healdsburg area several times, including our Honeymoon. We have stayed in the Best Western, in a nearby bed and breakfast as well as a couple different Healdsburg vacation rentals. So, the area wasn't new to us, but there was a new hotel that we were really excited to try: Hotel Trio.

It is actually a Residence Inn by Marriott hotel, for any of our Marriott fans out there. That means it's also part of the Marriott Bonvoy Travel Program, which is their new rewards program. Gots to get them rewards points!

Hotel Trio: Location, Location, Location!

Hotel Trio is located a little over a mile north of the Healdsburg town plaza, but that is no big deal since they offer a free shuttle to get to downtown Healdsburg. We used the shuttle a few times and walked back from the square once, with the kids- it was a nice walk!

Being right off Dry Creek Road and Highway 101 means this great location is smack dab in the middle of Russian River, Dry Creek and Alexander Valley regions of Sonoma County. When we are headed to the Napa and Sonoma area, these are our three favorite sections to visit for wine tasting.

We had stayed at the Best Western Dry Creek Inn before, which is just a block away but it was under renovation during this trip. It's great to have another option, especially one that turned out to have SO MANY amenities.

The short version: I'd stay here again with or without our kids. For a full review and photos, read on!

A Hotel that is Adult Friendly AND Kid Friendly in Sonoma?

While we thought Hotel Trio would make a great spot for a girls weekend in wine country, or a romantic wine country getaway, for us it made a great place to stay with kids.

Here are some of the super cool hotel features enjoyed during our stay in Healdsburg at Hotel Trio:

  • Every room here has a full kitchen complete with appliances, dishes and of course a coffeemaker.
  • You can even give the hotel a grocery list and they will stock the fridge for you!
  • Zagster bikes are available for rent out front.
  • Breakfast is included, which saves you tons of money.
  • The lobby has a few parlor games like tic tac toe, which is a nice touch.
  • The courtyard has a pool with chaise lounges, bocce ball, grills and outdoor table seating.
  • Every room has a pull out couch (or bunk beds- fun!). We chose the one bedroom suite, so the kids could sleep in a separate room. The bedroom and living room both had TVs.
  • They have a Robot Butler named Rosé. You can order ice (which is free) or a sweet treat like ice cream, and the robot will deliver it to your room. The kids seriously freaked out when they answered the door. She is parked by the front desk, so if you want to keep it a surprise make sure to distract your kids during check in.

Hotel in Wine Country that is Kid Friendly Hotel Trio. Robot Butler, Bocce ball, pool etc.

The Rooms at Hotel Trio

The one bedroom suite we stayed in had a kitchen/living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Here are the details and amenities of each room:

The kitchen really is a full, working kitchen. It has a fridge and freezer, two burner electric range, a sink, coffee pot and even a dishwasher. There is a small bar to sit at for eating.

Hotel Room Kitchen at Hotel Trio, Sonoma Wine Country

For anyone actually interested in using the kitchen, you'll be pleased that the cabinets are stocked with typical cooking gear like pots, pans, knives, cutting board, etc. You have silverware and plates, cups and bowls, as well as everything you need to clean up.

Full Kitchen at Hotel Trio in Healdsburg, CA

The living room in the one bedroom suite is open to the kitchen. Here you get a nice firm sofa with a pull out bed, cushy ottoman, small side table, a big flat screen TV and a sleek desk (I missed the desk and the TV in the shot below, they are off to the right).

The TVs had Roku-like features, so you can sign on to your own netflix account and things like that.

Kitchen and Living Room of a One Bedroom Suite at Hotel Trio in Healdsburg CA, a great wine country hotel!

The bedroom of the one bedroom suite has a pretty firm king size bed, two side tables and another big flat screen TV.

I really appreciated the individual reading lights on each side of the bed. It's hard to tell but in the photo below, the reading lights are the small black squares just above the pillows. You can point them right onto your book and not keep anyone else awake with the bigger lamps.

King Bed in the One Bedroom Suite during a stay in Healdsburg Hotel Trio in Wine Country

The bathrooms at Hotel Trio seem pretty standard, but spacious, for an upscale United States Hotel bathroom… with a couple extra thoughtful touches.

You got your basics: a stand up shower, toilet, sink, lighted mirror (actually good light for doing hair and makeup!), toiletries and hair dryer. As mentioned before the two drawers are in the bathroom, as is the closet (with iron, ironing board and nice robes).

But in case there are any other readers out there who appreciate these unusual little shower features, I wanted to mention them:

The shower handle is at the back of the shower, near the opening, while the shower fixture is at the front. A small design decision, but it means you can turn the shower on to warm up the water without getting wet. This is also great if you need to help your kids shower- you can have them walk to the back to scrub up, then you don't have to get sprinkled while they rinse off.

The other nice touch was what I call the “shaving ledge.” It is at the perfect height, and is also at the back of the shower, which makes me think MAYBE a woman had some sort of design input here. You can shave your legs without the water rinsing away your shaving cream, but your body stays warm so you don't get goosebumps. Translation: this is basically the perfect shower, LOL.

Modern Spacious Bathroom at Hotel Trio in Healdsburg, CA. See more in the full review.

Other Handy Amenities at Hotel Trio

As adults we found a lot to appreciate at this hotel. The sleek, modern style made it feel like a boutique hotel, but being a Marriott property you get all the advantages of a larger hotel.

Here are a few other features we loved:

  • Parking is free at Hotel Trio, which may not sound like a big deal but we have stayed at hotels before that charge as much as $25 per day for parking.
  • We got a half bottle of wine when we checked in. Boom! Nice touch. There were glasses and a corkscrew in our room's kitchen.
  • We could relax and unwind at their coffee and wine bar, or sit outside in the courtyard.
  • They have super comfortable beds, with nice reading lights on both sides. Our daughter noted this was the most comfortable hotel bed she has slept on.
  • The staff here was very friendly, which makes a big impression on us. You don't always get friendly customer service, but we did here.

A Few Places for Improvements

Honestly this place was a home run for us but there are always ways to improve.

One thing that irked me was the tiny toiletries. I am sure this cuts down on waste, which is good. Obviously a lot of people bring their own, I get it. You can request more but considering the room slept 4 people there was no way one tiny set would do.

Also, the rooms are somewhat short on storage. If you're someone who likes to unpack in a hotel then pack light. The four of us basically had two big drawers and small closet- all of which were located in the bathroom.

If that is all we can complain about…we are doing pretty good! Haha.

Booking the Best Rates at Hotel Trio

When we are booking our trips, LalyDad is the master planner. Have you ever seen A Beautiful Mind, where the guy has all the newpaper clippings and photos on the tack board, with the red lines connecting everything? That is what I picture going on inside my husband's brain when he plans our trips.

So when we finally books something I can rest assured it is the best place at the best time with the best rates. He usually checks a few places, which I will link to below.

Hotel Trio Rates on Hotels.com

Marriott's Hotel Trio Booking Page sometimes has special package rates

Trip Advisor's Hotel Trio Listing (You can see tons of review and book right from Trip Advisor)

We always check airfare on AirfareWatchDog too.


Have you stayed in Healdsburg at Hotel Trio? Let's hear your review in the comments below!

Healdsburg Hotel Trio review, great for adults, kids and teens. Perfect place to stay in Sonoma Wine Country

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