5 Ways to Make Your Fitbit Waterproof – (Works for Other Fitness Trackers Too!)

So you might have noticed by some of my other recent posts that I'm really getting into using my Fitbit. Today I want to share tips to make a Fitbit waterproof, so I'm adding it to my Fitbit Hacks Post. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Nope, your fitbit is not waterproof! It's splash and rain proof. Here's how to take it into the water.

Recently we spent some time at the beach here in Chicago and I couldn't decide whether or not to wear my fitbit. I knew I could track my steps with my iPhone too, but it's always preferable to wear my tracker.

When we got home I googled “Is a Fitbit Flex Waterproof?” and found a lot of conflicting information.

Before we get to the waterproofing ideas, let's get something straight. Your Fitbit is NOT waterproof. 

Fitbit's own support page on the topic says the fitbit flex is water resistant, meaning splash and rain is okay, but it says you should not swim or shower wearing it. Even the slightly more water resistant Surge and Charge models are not meant to be submerged. UPDATE: Great news! Fitbit has release the Fitbit Flex 2 which is labeled Swimproof!

In the google results there were a lot of outdated forum discussions where people claimed that Fitbit told them the Flex was waterproof and fine for showering and swimming. My guess is that it was originally intended to be waterproof but that, for best product durability and endurance, it's best not to regularly submerge it without some additional measures. So that is how I treat it!

If you haven't bought a fitness tracker yet and you are looking for something waterproof there are some cool options. Be sure to read specs and reviews to make sure it does what you are looking for though.

The fully waterproofed Fitbit Flex by Waterfi is a great choice. UPDATE: Waterfi has added a Fitbit Charge HR, Fuel Band and Fitbit Alta the waterproofed lineup. Fitbit Flex 2 is the only Fitbit your buy directly from Fitbit that is swimproof. Otherwise, you need a Waterfi Fitbit. 

A couple other options are out there too. If you are looking for something to track swimming, let's say and you want it to count laps, you might try the Polar Loop Activity Tracker. If you're looking for something to track all kinds of activities and coach you too, def check out the MOOV, it looks soooOOooO cool!

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Make Your Fitbit Waterproof

Nope! Your Fitbit is not waterproof, but here are some ways to take your fitbit or other tracker into the water.

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Okay so maybe you think the Waterfi FitBit looks awesome sauce but you already have a super cool fitness tracker. Like me. And you want to get it wet. What can you do?

DISCLAIMER. I'm not responsible for your lost or damaged items. Be sure when trying these ideas that you securely fasten everything, or if you tuck it into your swim suit, check to see if water and motion will allow it to move around. Swim suits that are tight when dry can move and stretch in the water.

Okay. Phew. Done with that.

Oh and here's what I'm NOT going to suggest. Rubber cement or some other waterproofing material coating your tracker. Nope. It's not going to be something to just slap onto your tracker and then you can cannonball your way to step goal heaven. Sorry. Pretty sure that would void some warranties and block the charger port.

But we CAN put our trackers INTO some waterproof products to keep them handy but dry. You COULD just pop it into a ziploc bag but there is no way to attach it to you, so you really need to put it somewhere safe. Otherwise, try these:

Waterproof Match Case – There is a user picture on Amazon showing that someone else has used it for this purpose. There is no real way to attach this to anything, so you'd need to have it in a pocket.

Waterproof Cell Phone Arm Band – I think this would be good for swimming or water aerobics because it would allow the tracker to still be on your arm. I'd just pop my whole band in there so the tracker isn't loose and jiggling around.

DRYPAK Waterproof wallet – I would put my whole band in here and tuck the wallet into my swim suit. Again make sure it's going to stay in place.

Waterproof Pill Container – You could attach this to a key loop inside swim trunks or to a swim suit strap.

Witz Keep it Safe Case – Get one with the carabiner and you could hook it inside your trunks or a strap on your swim suit. Extremely mixed reviews, so it's hard to say how long it would last.

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What's your solution for keeping your fitness tracker dry? Add your tip and you could help other readers. Don't forget to check out my review of the Waterfi Waterproof Fitbit at the post below:

Your Fitbit is NOT waterproof, unless you bought this version.



  1. Triva Cain says

    I have a Fitbit charge and the numbers have gotten so light that I can’t see them. it will be charged and vibrate but nothing on the face. Do you know how I can fix this?



  2. Laurie Cooperman says

    I liked your idea about using the iphone waterproof cover as a place for your fitbit while swimming. However, will it WORK if it’s in a container on your arm? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi, thank you for the question…I’m not sure what you mean though. Do you mean will it count steps? I have a fitbit flex, which means the tracker itself is already on in a container on my arm, it’s just a band versus the iphone cover, but either way I am moving my arm. If you have a model with heart rate monitoring, it would of course not keep your heart rate during that time but otherwise for step counting it should.

  3. says

    I’m starting to go to aquasize again tomorrow night but I’m. Addicted to my flex. ..I love the waterproof pill container idea !!! Thx

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