Spring Crafts for Preschool Fine Motor Skills

Welcome back to Fine Motor Fridays! Moderately warm weather has made us all start to think SPRING! These Spring crafts for preschool age kids make for easy, cute spring themed projects packed with cutting practice and other fine motor work!

Easy Spring Crafts for Preschool - Make these into Garden Garland, Crowns or Bracelets - Lots of Fine motor Skills Practice - From Fine Motor Fridays

My four year old daughter LOVES making decorations. Every holiday…every season…every everything. It's so sweet and adorable. We still have our Valentine's Day Garland hanging in the dining room, in fact!

One day when little brother was napping, she asked if we could do an activity and I honestly didn't have anything planned or on deck. I looked around and saw our heart garland and tried to think of something similar because she really liked doing that.

I grabbed some quick craft materials and we just got our craft on!

I didn't even realize it when we started but his project was perfect for Fine Motor Fridays! We started with some scissors skills, then the some sticker sticking and even some taping. All are great activities to get her little fingers working! The quick and easy tutorial is below, complete with a few easy affiliate links so you have everything you need!

These spring crafts would be perfect for a preschool class or spring themed playdate! I could also see making these bracelets for an easy Mother's Day craft.

Spring Garden Garland Crafts


Green construction paper or craft foam
Flower stickers or flower craft foam stickers
Safety scissors
Scotch tape
Marker or pen


Assemble your materials and use your marker to draw some wavy lines on the construction paper or craft foam- make sure they are wide enough for your flower stickers. You could fold your paperLay out the materials and you are ready to craft!


Have your child cut along the wavy lines to make “vines” or you could call it leaf garland. Invite your child to decorate the vines with the flower stickers.

When the decorations are all applied, show your child how to tape the vines to make garland, crowns or a bracelet. Use two strands for a crown, one for a bracelet and as many as you want for the garland!

Voila! A fun, easy Spring crafts for preschool fine motor skills!

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Spring Crafts for Preschoolers - Garden Garland - perfect for decorations, crowns and bracelets! From Fine Motor Fridays

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