DIY Removable Non-Permanent LEGO Walls

Welcome to LEGO Week! Let's get started with a tutorial for how to make non-permanent, removable LEGO Walls.

DIY Removable Non-Permanent Lego Wall from Lalymom. Great for any Duplo or Lego Lover.

We live in a house in the city so it's big enough but not huge. That's one of the reasons I like to try to find ways to make play things for the kids that are non-permanent. For example I would love to have a gorgeous light table out for the kids but I'd rather have something that I can put away when company comes over so we made a DIY Light Box. So on that same note, today I've got a tutorial for DIY Removable Non-Permanent LEGO Walls as part of the Toddler Approved LEGO Week!

I included some alternate ideas as well if you don't want to do it the same way we did! (Note: This post contains affiliate links, thank you for supporting this blog at no cost to you!)

We were using our easel outside the other day and I thought what a great base it would be for other vertical play surfaces.

Taking something horizontal that your child uses regularly and turning it vertical offers new challenges to the muscles of their hands and arms. It also changes up orientation of the activity to challenge their visual motor skills.

If you would like to take your duplo or LEGO building and turn it vertical, here is how you can do it! Alternatives are at the bottom.

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Duplo or Lego Play Wall that is Removable, Portable and Non-Permanent from lalymom

DIY LEGO Walls Materials

Duplo Base Plate or LEGO Extra Large Base Plate

Bungee cords (we used mini 10 inch ones) See alternatives below


Easel (We used our super affordable Ikea Easel)

DIY LEGO Walls Directions

Prep the base plate: Using a drill bit that is slightly larger than the width of the bungee cord hook, drill holes in 2-4 corners of your base plate, depending on if you plan to attach it on 2 corners or all four.

Easy Lego Wall Tutorial from Lalymom

Attach the base plate: Using the bungee cords, hook one side in one hole and wrap it over the top, around the side, and back to the same hole to attach it. Repeat with the other top corner and then attach the bottom two corners similarly around the bottom edge of the easel board, if desired.

How to make a Lego Wall that is Removable from Lalymom

You can also make this double sided if you have more than one child. Simply use another base plate and attach it the same way, or you can try various configurations with the bungee cords to attach them to each other, which would cut down on the number of cords you would need.

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Alternative DIY LEGO Wall Ideas

If you don't want to use bungee cords you can try a couple other options:

You can tie the base plates onto your easel with heavy twine.

You can also attach 3M Wire Command Hooks to your easel, depending on the surface of your easel, or to you walls.  These have special double sided adhesive that can be removed without damaging most surfaces. The best way to do that would be to attach the command strip to your wall, press on the wire hook and hang the base plate on the hooks using the drilled holes.

If you are not concerned about removing them you can attach them directly to your walls more permanently with screws or without.


Duplo and Lego Ideas for Kids on Lego Week

This is part of a week long celebration of all things LEGO over at Toddler Approved. She and a group of us bloggers will be sharing LEGO ideas on our blogs and Facebook Pages all week long!

Are you a big LEGO fan? Do you have a LEGO wall? What are your favorite LEGO Activities? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. Kristie says

    Hmm. I often tape clear contact paper with the sticky side out for my toddler class to stick things to. I wonder if it would be strong enough to hold the base plate. I’ll have to try it. Thanks for a great idea!

  2. says

    Hi, Laura! I’m enjoying your blog – great ideas and beautiful photos! I’m creating a digital magazine for teachers and I would like to include your photo of the Lego wall along with a link to the blog post. I’m trying to finish this issue today (sorry for the late notice!). If I don’t hear from you by today, maybe it could be included in the next issue (it’s quarterly). Thank you!

  3. Christie says

    What a great idea! I used the itty bitty 3M Command Velcro Picture Hangers to hang the Lego baseplate. I didn’t have a drill. It’s not completely flush, but it will work for now. Thank you!

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