The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Activities for Preschoolers

Using scissors is an important skill for preschoolers to work on but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! Cutting Activities for Preschoolers can range from simply snipping a blank piece of paper, to finding unique materials to cut or creating really cool crafts! We started working on scissors skills with my preschooler around a year ago and we have had so much fun coming up with ideas together.

Ultimate Guide to Cutting Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergartners from Lalymom - Tips, Tricks, Projects and Must-Follow Pinterest Boards about Scissor Skills and Cutting Practice!

Below you will find information and ideas that I have been stowing away for any day we need a quick, fun distraction. These activities make my daughter concentrate as much as they make her smile!

Start at the top for great information about why kids need to learn scissor skills and tips for helping them succeed! Next you will find collections of cutting activities that talk about a variety of materials. After that you have loads of playful cutting activities for preschoolers as well as a handy list of Must-Follow Pinterest Boards that focus on scissor skills! I hope you find a lot of helpful information!

Information, Tricks and Tips for Teaching Cutting

Why Scissor Skills Are Important and How to Learn Them from Makeovers and Motherhood (Pin it here).

Tips for Teaching Cutting from Stay at Home Educator (Pin it here).

Choosing Scissors for your Preschooler from Teach Preschool (Pin it here).

Everything You Need to Know About Cutting from an OT's Point of View on Miss Nancy (Pin it here).

Fine Motor Activities to Help Develop Cutting Skills from Creative Connections for Kids (Pin it here).

Vary Materials for Cutting Practice

Paper is great but why not branch out and offer your kids something new and different to cut next time you get the scissors out! Each of these posts offers ideas of materials that brings something new to the cutting board!

Five Scissors Skills activities from Happy Hooligans (Pin it here).

Cutting Skills Tray from Little Bins for Little Hands (Pin it here).

Birthday Themed Cutting Practice from Lalymom (Pin it here).

Five Scissors Skills Activities from Frugal Fun for Boys (Pin it here).

Cutting Skills Tray from Mama. Papa. Bubba Blog (Pin it here).

Thrifty Scissor Practice from In Lieu of Preschool (Pin it here).

Practice Cutting Outside from No Time for Flashcards (Pin it here).

Five Halloween Themed Cutting Activities from Lalymom (Pin it here).

Playful Cutting Activities for Preschoolers and Beyond

Cutting wavy and straight lines is a must if your kids are going to master scissors, but who says you can't put a fun spin on it?!

Cutting Practice Spider from Lalymom (Pin it here).

Fun Ways to Learn Scissors Skills by Cathy James on BabyCentre (Pin it here).

DIY Cutting Practice Princess Doll by Lalymom (Pin it here).

Simple But Fun Newspaper Cutting Activity on Makeovers and Motherhood (Pin it here).

Monsters Need Haircuts Activity on Royal Baloo (Pin it here).

Cutting Skills Sun Craft from De Tout et De Rien (Pin it here).

Create a Cardboard City with Free Printable from Learn with Play at Home (Pin it here).

The Cutting Pool from Fun-a-Day (Pin it here).

Montessori Inspired Cutting Activities from Living Montessori Now (Pin it here).

Fall Themed Cut Punch Paste Projects from Lalymom (Pin it here).

Using Scissors in Artwork from Red Ted Art (Pin it here).

Making Roadways from Wallpaper Samples from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds (Pin it here).

Shape Rockets from Toddler Approved (Pin in here).

Watermelon Scissors Skills Paper Plate Craft from FSPDT (Pin it here).

Collection of Scissors Skills Activities from Sugar Aunts (Pin it here).

Scissors Adventures: Cutting Printables from Delia Creates (Pin it here).

Preschool Haircut Craft from Jen Spends (Pin it here).

Crafts and Activities for Cutting from Hands On As We Grow (Pin it here).

Scissors Skills and Cutting Activities on Pinterest

These boards are dedicate exclusively to scissors skills and cutting activities for preschoolers and kindergartners. I encourage you to look at their other boards too though because anyone collecting pins on scissors skills is bound to be a great resource for other fine motor skills activities as well!

Making the Cut: Scissors Skills Board from Inspired Treehouse

Scissors Board from Dot to Dot Daycare

Cutting Board from Teach Preschool

Scissors Skills Board from Sugar Aunts

Cutting Board from Frank Starling

Preschool: Scissors Board from Heidi Van Vatter

Scissors Board from Sue Norton

Scissor Skills Board from Jen Frank

Cutting Board from D Park

Scissors Board from Michelle D

Scissory Skills Shopping List from Lalymom

If you are looking for some fun scissors skills ideas, check out our Scissors Skills Shopping List.

Have I missed your favorite tips, tricks or cutting activity? Or do you have a pinterest board that focuses on cutting? Please let me know so I can keep this guide up to date! You can leave a message below, share it on my facebook page or use the email button at the top right of this page to send me an email!

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